Focused Financial Planning Service

Are you thinking about saving towards your retirement? Or are you looking to arrange a protection plan for you and your family? Whatever your goals are, our advisers at Fyfe Financial can provide a financial plan to address all your financial objectives.

Focused Financial Planning ServiceFocused Financial Planning Service

Our Focused Financial Planning service is designed to help you address all your financial objectives by fully assessing your current financial position and establishing the best use of the resources available to you.

If you require our ‘Focused Financial Planning Service’ we will:

  • Gather all relevant personal  information, including details of  your finances, your requirements and future financial objectives, including your attitude towards investment risk and your ethical concerns.
  • Analyse the information gathered in detail against your stated objectives and research possible solutions.
  • Provide a report of your financial position to include our product recommendations. This may mean the recommendation of a life assurance policy to protect your family, an investment plan to help you save towards your children’s university fees or a pension to fund your retirement.
  • Work with any relevant product providers to ensure our recommendations are implemented correctly.
  • Agree a review service with you at outset to ensure our recommendations remain appropriate in the future. This will mean repeating the steps outlined above to ensure that you remain on track to reach the financial targets established at outset.

Financial Review Process