Comprehensive Financial Planning Service

Are you busy planning an enjoyable & rewarding retirement? Or are you worried about how best to protect your family in case of illness or disability? Whatever your goals and objectives are, our advisers at Fyfe Financial can build a comprehensive financial plan to make sure that your family are fully protected and you’re on the right track for the future that’s perfect for you.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Service

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Service is designed to help you establish what you really want out of life and tailor all your resources to meet your goals & objectives.

Using this process, our advisers will guide you through the difficult financial landscape and sit right beside you on your journey towards financial independence. The service is separated into 4 important stages which together will help you achieve your goals.

Stage 1. Factfinding

This is where we collect all the pieces of information that make up your current financial position such as your income & expenditure and assets & liabilities. These details are the building blocks of your financial plan so it is important that we have as complete a picture as possible.

We will then establish what your deep rooted values & ambitions are and what your ideal future will look like. This will enable us to tailor your plan to you as an individual and make sure that you’re on track for the future that’s perfect for you.

Once we have processed all the relevant information, we can build your own personalised timeline using our Voyant financial planning software. Please see below for an example of what it may look like.








Stage 2. Financial Planning

This is where we use our technical skills to help you to bring your financial plan to life. Using our Voyant financial planning software, we will forecast what your financial future will look like and show you where you stand in relation to the goals & objectives specified earlier in the process. We can also show you how any changes to your lifestyle will effect your plan such as saving more or retiring earlier.

Once we have forecast what your future may look like from your current position, we will be able to establish what needs to be done to make sure that all your financial objectives are achieved. Usually this will include calculating whether any life assurance is required or how much you need to save each month.

Please see below for an example of what your Voyant cash flow forecast may look like.











Stage 3. Implementation

This is where we put your plan into action. This may mean the recommendation of a life assurance policy to protect your family, an investment plan to fund your retirement or a solicitor to arrange a will or trust. In many cases it won’t require any new financial products at all as your existing arrangements may be flexible enough to meet your ongoing requirements.












Stage 4. Review

The final piece of your financial plan is the review stage. This stage is ongoing as it is designed to ensure that you stay on track to achieve all the goals and objectives that were agreed earlier in the process.

The first stage of your review will be to update your current financial position and find out what’s changed and what hasn’t. Once this has been completed, we can assess the progress you have made towards your financial objectives and decide whether any changes need to be made. Your reviews are essential to the success of your financial plan and should be held at least annually, though they may be more frequent depending on your own changing requirements.











So whatever your goals and objectives are, get in touch with Fyfe Financial to start your own financial plan.